Sunday, October 21, 2007

Silver Cord Temporary BiDirectional Wormhole to Parallel Universe

The Silver Cord connects the astral body(consciousness) to the physical body during an NDE, whilst the entity experiences an atemporal panoramic life review through holographic karmic projections from the Akashic Library during the encounter with Akasha aka The Divine Light, wherby the life review is during an instanton, wherby subjective responses towards emotional actions are portrayed from recipients back to the manifestor of the emotion for objective insight.

Does this connectivity facilitate through a temporary wormhole to a parallel universe?

What is the physics of this parallel universe and what are the quantum mechanical implications if this parallel universe can coexist with ours.

The severence of the silver cord represents the transition point from an NDE to death and the travel is irreversible back into the physical body, hence why I say that the silver chord acts as a temporary bidirectional wormhole to the parallel universe. However severence implies that travel is one way outwards towards the parallel universe.

The confusing part for me is where are the permanent wormholes that allow for conscious entities to connect from the parallel universe to ours. Are these within compactified dimensions?

What is the physics for permamnent wormhole connectivity between the two universes.
In this multiverse scenario what are the difference in physics.
Our physics is baryonic. Is the parallel universe necessarily non baryonic?


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