Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Microsoft WorldWide Telescope

On 22nd Auguts 2007 I wrote a post
Google Astronomy about another software provider for Astronomy boarding the bandwagon GoogleSky.
Well after initial concerns, admittedly GooGleSky has now become my favourite virtual software online observatory, and taken over from my previous favourite for a few years namely Cartes Du Ciel

That is until today, when I read on BBCNews that Microsoft have launched their WorldWide Telescope and I must say it is brilliant!

So what do I like about this new Software.

[1] Real Time axial rotation of background night against Earth's rotational spin in real time.
[2] Imagery drop down box that allows you at click of a button to see background view using a multitude of telescopes/observatories/space satellites in near real time.
[3] A dashboard of deep sky images that gets updated in near real time on the bottom pane as you scroll through the universe.

as well as maps of fields of view and constellation placement against celestial spehere.

As an astronomy buff I'm chuffed!

Then to add joy to happiness there is another drop down box that allows you to switch from sky view to earth view, so that you can cruise around different villages in detail as if on holiday!

So to summarise

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