Monday, October 15, 2007

Higher Dimension Theory

I have ecently been reading around the "life review" that is presented holographically and panoramically and most importantly atemporal.

It is the atemporal characteristic of the life review which is a projection of the karmic records from the akashic library, through vivid panoramic holographs that are the most fascinating experiences that people witness during NDEs.

The independent and objective interpretation of the consequences of your thoughts expoerienced by others is testimony to information persistence outside the physical dimensions.

I have been told that ancestors through thought can coexist with us in parallel universes and yet we cannot see them.

I propose that information via consciousness is a dimension of its own, ie the information dimension, can be tapped via sub and super consciousness and even after death(physical)

The same 4 dimensional event can be perceived differently through thought by different observers coexisting in the same reference frame, hence information could be a possible higher dimesnion.

Two representations of Event1, with corrdinates t,x,y,z,i
t=temporal dimension
x,y,z = spatial dimensions
i = information dimension

where t,x,y,z are the same for 2 events ie the same event at the same time and place.

t=t1, x=x1,y=y1,z=z1, i=i1
t=t1, x=x1,y=y1,z=z1, i=i2

ie the same event carries 2 different informations?

Maybe information can be represented by more than one dimension?

Does that cover some of the compactified non physical dimensions somehow?

Some dimesnions for thought here...

Physical Spatial
1 x=x1
2 y=x2
3 z=x3

Temporal Dimensions
1 t=t1=SingleExperience=MyEvent
2 t=tN=MultipleExperiences=MyEvents =atemporal ie Life Review

1 i1=Thought= Event Based Present
2 i2=Wisdom=SomeoneElse's Event Past/Present
3 i3=Virtue=?

Maybe I should do a PhD if I win the lottery?

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