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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Cosmo Chanian Bids Farewell

12 years ago this time, we went to Rugeley to buy a KCGB registered pedigree German Shepherd dog. We observed a litter of dogs in a living room, and the biggest and woolliest and cutest puppy went running towards us with paws the size of a junor tiger. We knew straight away that this dog was the right one to build a bond of love with our family so we bought the dog as a wedding present to ourselves for the princely sum of £400 in those days. Money well worth spent.

When we took the dog home to our parents, we did not have to spend too much time in deciding upon a name. The dog kept gazing towards the stars, so we named him COSMO. Cosmo grew to full size in next to 10 months eating chappattis, chicken and lamb curry cooked by mum and dad, and bones the size of dinosaurs!

He had the growl of a lion, and the look of admiration and curiosity and happinness that will always remain in our memories forever.

Cosmo, grew up into a well respected adult dog, and was respected by all who approached him from near and far, and loved the children and family who grew up with him over the years. His fondest objects was for sure the football(s) that he managed to chew through.

He loved his country walks at the back of lower penn, sedgely and towards baggeridge fields near gospel end. The sights of Cosmo hopping in and out of sight in the corn fields in the summer days when he fetched objects will be cherished forever.

His last family walk was last Sunday with the kids, hopping through the fields and ending up at the Barley Mow pub and back home again, via the tadpole pond. The last few days his back legs and hips gave in through hereditary factors, and we said goodbye to our beloved pet yesterday evening.

I held his head as his spirit left and went to those who came to collect him from the spiritual world. I hope Cosmo is free and happy wherever and whoever he is with, because I know he will be happy and free from the pain of recent days.

We will always love you Cosmo, and pay tribute to your loyalty to our family. This loyalty is priceless and far exceeds any humane human trait that we will ever experience in our lifetime.

A dog is a man's best friend. So true, so virtuous and so proverbial. We are humbled by your departure and this void will be irreplacable. God Bless you Cosmo xxx

Thursday, May 24, 2007

HD81361 Near Saturn

Was observing the ecliptic and taking advantage of the Solar System availablke in the evening sky tonight. The Moon was out in Leo near full moon. Soon it will be Blue Moon, ie 2 Full Moons in 1 calendar year. To the right was Alpha Leonis, and to the right of that was Saturn, halfway between Leo and Gemini, next to Cancer which holds the Beehive Cluster.

Whilst observing Saturn my focus shifted towards
HD 81361 aka HR 3736 located about 270 Light Years away.

Astrophysics available here

Observation Details
ASCC 861944
Visual Magnitude: 6.29
Blue Magnitude: 7.29
Spectral Class: G9III:
Proper Motion in Right ascension: -0.082
Proper Motion in Declination: -0.024
Parallax: 0.0121
Distance: 269.6 light years
HIP: 46232
HD: 81361
DM: 1702078

J2000 RA: 9h25m32.55s DE:+16°35'08.3"
Date RA: 9h25m57.12s DE:+16°33'12.5"

Birmingham 2007-5-24 23h03m ( TU + 1h00m )
Sideral Time : 14h04m
Hour Angle : 4h38m
Azimuth :+264°03'
Altitude :+25°34'

Rise : 10h53m Azimuth:+61°16'
Culmination : 18h29m
Set : 2h04m Azimuth:+298°44'
Distance to the last object : +00°00'00.0" PA:180