Saturday, January 14, 2006

Thabit 36 Upsilon Orionis

HR1855, HD36512, SAO132222, BD-7 1106, NSV16333
Can be found beneath Orion's Sword in between 49 Orionis and 29 Orionis

Upsilon Orionis (υ Ori / υ Orionis) is a star in the constellation Orion. It also has the traditional name Thabit (Arabic for "the imperturbable one").

What is quite distinctive about Thabit Mag 4.62 is how it is surrounded by its nearby stars to give the appearance of a sort of tetragonal pyramid in the night sky, as viewed through my binoculars at Mag8

The vertex of the pyramid would be HR1848 Mag 6.22 and the 4 base vertex points would be represented by HD36920 Mag 6.7, HD36814 Mag 6.45, HD36151 Mag 6.68, HD36285 Mag 6.33 Clockwise respectively from the lower left.

Thabit belongs to the spectral class B0V and has apparent magnitude +4.62 . Thabit is approximately 1545 light years from Earth.

Coordinates (equinox 2000)
Right ascension: 5h31m55.80s

Observational Details
HR 1855 HD 36512
Flamsteed Number: 36
Bayer Letter: Upsilon
Constellation: Orion
Visual Magnitude: 4.62
Color Index: -0.26
Spectral Class: B0V
Annual Proper Motion: -0.001 -0.005
Thabit; Tabit

J2000 RA: 5h31m55.80s DE:-07°18'05.0"
Date RA: 5h32m13.40s DE:-07°17'50.2"

Birmingham 2006-1-22 13h43m ( TU + 0h00m )
Sideral Time : 21h43m
Hour Angle : 16h10m
Azimuth :+72°05'
Altitude :-21°36'

Rise : 16h09m Azimuth:+101°17'
Culmination : 21h35m
Set : 3h00m Azimuth:+258°43'
Distance to the last object : +00°00'00.0" PA:180

0h00m00.0s +00°00'00"

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