Wednesday, January 04, 2006

NGC 1981

I was doing some doing some observation around Orion's Sword when I challenged myself to how many stars I could pick out within the upper part of the Open Cluster OCL 525 namely NGC 1981 at 400pc(parsecs)

This can be found directly underneath Epsilon Orionis in Orion's Belt, and above Orionis 45 and Orionis 42 that fall within NGC 1975 and NGC 1973

If you look at the image

I could quite easily pick out from my 20x80 binoculars atleast half a dozen stars within this cluster including notably
HR1898 HD37040 at Magnitude 6.38 Spectral Type B2.51V
HR1891 HD37016 at Magnitude 6.24 Spectral Type B2.5V
HR1890 HD37017 at Magnitude 6.56 Spectral Type B1.5V

Still trying to find out the distance to these stars, which you can quite easily infer to be very hot Blue stars. Anyone got data on the stellar distances to NGC 1981?

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